God will then LISTEN to us, FORGIVE our sins, and HEAL our land

In 2 Chronicles 7, God tell His people to do 4 things and in return He did 3 life-changing events. He'll LISTEN, FORGIVE AND HEAL.  And the same is true today. If we simply:

  1. HUMBLE ourselves

  2. PRAY to Him

  3. SEEK His face

  4. TURN from wickedness

My wife Isabel and I believe there is a young generation that understands the importance of these 4 words. These are words that must become an action. They understand the importance of standing in the gap for their homes, schools, churches and their nation.  It’s time we CRYOUT!

CRYOUT 2018!

Join us on September 28th and 29th as we gather together in one voice.  Together, we will humble ourselves before God and exalt His name.  We will pray and seek His presence. Together, we will make a commitment and turn from the world’s way.  What we want is a group of young people filled with the Holy Spirit igniting spiritual flames in their homes, in their school and in their churches.  We were born for such a time as this and we are the answer to someone’s prayer. Please join us and your youth group as we go after God’s heart.



Join us for two nights of prayer, worship and fun with our special guest speaker Bryan Gallardo AND our concert performance by GAWVI! 



Refuge church is excited to have award winning music artist GAWVI as our 2018 Cryout Concert performer! GAWVI made his debut as a solo artist in 2016, before he was working under the tutelage of mega artists Rodney Jekins and Pharrel Williams. In 2014 his production work with Lecrae on the song Anomaly reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Top Gospel charts. With his first album, We Belong debuting at 19 on Itunes, Gawvi has spread God's message across the nation.