We are EXTRAVAGANT in pursuing God and welcoming Him.
We are a church who doesn't apologize about giving BIG hugs and BIG smiles.
We will not forget what it means to be lost because Found People Find People.
We will keep changing because GROWING people change.
We are spiritual contributors NOT just spiritual consumers.
We will lead the way by INVESTING in the next generation.
We will always strive to BUILDING STRONG godly families.

What we Believe


Rescue: We believe  that Christ died for our sins and that by grace through faith we may receive the Salvation of our souls. He RESCUED us from darkness, (Col. 1:13 NIV) and we believe that RESCUE was offered to all humanity, (the rejected, the weak, the less fortunate, the least of these and anybody else left out of our list) and to all who accepted the RESCUE, he also asks us to part in telling others about how He can RESCUE them too. 

Restore: "To bring back to an original state" - Webster Dictionary.  Part of our vision here at Refuge Church is that after he rescues us, he begins to RESTORE us. In other words, Jesus takes us out of our situations, He then begins to take the situation of out of us, its all a process. He wants to bring us back to our original state. We believe God is still RESTORING marriages, dreams, broken lives and much more. (Isa. 61:1-4)

Redefine: Before we were rescued, we were defined by society and the enemy that there was a certain role or purpose we had to fulfill, but we believe at Refuge Church that there is a RE-DEFINING of our lives. This REDEFINING  changes and impacts the quality of our lives, family and community around us, in such a way that the life that we once lived is non-recognizable as we completely fulfill the purpose God intended for us. Through restoring He "brings you back," but in REDEFINING you, He "makes you complete." (Isa. 61:5-11, Rom. 8:28,29)